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2017 Edition of The Drawing Board

Design Brief

'Expansion and Contraction' A Restaurant

The Competition aimed to explore intelligent designs that were flexible, allowing spatial transformation and size variability.

The site was located on the banks of Mula River, Pune where the water level changes seasonally. The Building had to "expand and contract" as a reaction to this changing water level and had to be a place where people could gather together, celebrate nature or just enjoy its tranquility.


Juror 1

Bijoy Ramachandran,

Hundredhands Design Studio, Bengaluru

Juror 2

Rahul Kadri,

I M Kadri Architects, Mumbai

Juror 3

Sanjay M Patil,

Environ Planners, Nasik

Juror 4

Prasanna Desai,

PVP College of Architecture, Pune

2017 Attendees

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