Design Brief

Temporary Homes for Transient Construction Labourers

Home is not a place; it is a feeling. The competition aimed to provide humane living conditions for transient construction workers in India.

To create successful housing for construction workers, they must feel that they are rooted in a given place. They should be able to create a sense of community with their neighbours though they stay for a short time and change of families as per the construction demand. The design should foster a sense of community and participation.

The housing colony was to be designed for 200 labourers. 40 units for a family of 3 adults and a child with basic amenities like sleeping area for 3 adults with adequate privacy, storage including a kitchen. 20 units for bachelors shared by 3 adults. A separate communal cooking area has to be designed for bachelors. The colony should accommodate common toilets, clothes washing and drying areas, medical rooms, and shops for essentials. A multipurpose activity center of 1500 sft should be able to adapt itself into a crèche or a playschool during the day, workshop or a training center for the younger age group to develop skills to become a plumber, electrician, fabricator, carpenter or mason, a place for social gatherings or TV watching/entertainment hub. Drinking water facilities and sanitation are integral to the colony.


Juror 1

Takaharu Tezuka, Tezuka Architects, Tokyo

Juror 2

Rahul Gore, Opolis Architects, Mumbai

Juror 3

Bijoy Jain, Studio Mumbai, Mumbai

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