Design Brief

“Like a trail that a snail leaves in its wake as it inches forward, over the years an architect leaves behind a body of work, generated by the attitudes he gradually accumulates towards the agendas he deals with”.
-Ar.Charles Correa

Correa through his work emphasizes on the tangible parameters such as climate, culture and resources. In addition to this he constantly depicts the idea of metaphysical role in the spaces we create.

Tribute to unparalleled legacy: This competition aims at creating a memorial for Ar. Charles Correa. With a deeply rooted context consisting of one of Correa’s most celebrated work, the design can either be a dialogue with it or even be a structure of gratitude. The design must stand testimony to Correa’s work.


Juror 1

Prof. Durganand Balsavar, Goa, India

Juror 2

Ar. Henri Comrie, Cape Town, South Africa

Juror 3

Ar. Sachin Agshikar, Mumbai, India

2022 Attendees

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Submitted Entries