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Past Edition 2019

2019 Design Brief

Reviving a lost Heritage

An old tower at Wakdewadi in Pune was selected as the site for the fourth edition of The Drawing Board competition. A significant site, the tower raised several lines of enquiries about social, historical, and built contexts. Formerly, designed for storing water for a well-known landmark - the Reach Mansion (Jehangir Bunglow), the tower stands as a lone remnant of that time and essence in the present day.

The tower was a part of the beautiful mansion built-in 1879, currently positioned at the rear side of the shopping complex and the IT tower. The tower has a water tank on top and stairs to reach the tank the known details of construction can be traced back down a timeline of 140 years. The Heritage Committee of the Pune Municipal Corporation has registered the water tank as a Grade I heritage structure.

The site extends to the surrounding of the heritage water tower and the front plaza of the existing labor office at Wakdewadi, Shivajinagar, Pune. In the backdrop of this water tower: on the east side are contrasting glass buildings such as Shoppers Stop, few IT Offices and across the road, on western side, there is a labor office, and toward the southern-end facing the flyover are the slums of Patil Estate



Sanidhya Shah, Vivek Wanarase

VIT's PVP COllege of Architecture, Pune
Frist Runner-Up

Sharmen Mehta, Siddhant Manpara, Akshay Patel

ITM - School of Architecture Art and Design, Vadodara
Second Runner-Up

Ravi Varma, Vaibhavi Pujari, Ashutosh Mundada

VIT's PVP COllege of Architecture, Pune

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